Hi, I am Abdel Raoof Olakara

I am a web focused developer mostly working using Microsoft .Net technologies. Occasionally, I end up working on non web related projects. I am based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and work for C4 Advanced Solution as Application Developer. This is my personal website and blog where I put down my thoughts, solutions to problems and learning notes.

Stack Overflow

Stackoverflow is a online community I hang around a lot during my free time. You can find me answering questions on Sencha’s Ext Js , C# and Java. Here is my flair:

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About this Site

This is a static site powered by Jekyll. The design was done by me and the theme is freely available on Github. I have used Bootstrap, jQuery, icons from Metro Studio of Syncfusion and Github for hosting the site.

Technicals apart, this is my personal site where I plan to pen down my thoughts, technical experiences that I would like to share. But, the content and opnion that you see here are personal and not related to companies / clients i work with. And regarding the code you see there.. you may use it as per your discretion.

About this Theme

Jekyll Metro is the result of wanting a clean and new theme for my personal site. I was initially inspired by the Hyde theme. but soon I was googling to see if there are any Metro inspired theme available. Since, I couldn’t find one, I decided to built one for myself. One of the main goal of building my own theme was to have a modern responsive theme that looks good on mobile, tablet and desktop.

You are free to use or fork this theme. And any contribution to fixes of issues are welcome.

Contact Me

For short messages and quick replies, you can contact me via Twitter For anything longer feel free to use the comments section below and I’ll reply you by email.


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